ResiGains is a niche consultancy focused on optimising management operations in the Build to Rent sector. 

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What we do

While many are talking about Build to Rent, few have hands-on experience of delivering it yet, and getting management operations right in Build to Rent can make all the difference between an asset that performs in the real world and one that doesn’t.

Each key decision comes with the risks of non-delivery and underperformance in practice, but also offers the opportunity to outperform and enhance returns. So, wouldn’t it be sensible to take some of this risk off the table and identify opportunities to outperform before the management strategy is set in stone?

ResiGains offers real-world insight into what works well, and not so well, in management operations delivery and can provide an independent viewpoint based on practical experience when key decisions need to be made.

Latest News

UK Build to Rent Q&A

Our founder Jonathan Gains recently took part in a Q&A interview with UK Build to Rent as part of their BTR Q&A Series.

Jonathan talks about what core values should underpin a BTR management team, what advice he would give to somebody hiring for a new BTR management team, and much more!

Check out the full Q&A here.

Flexiion Panel Discussion

Jonathan Gains recently participated in a small panel discussion of ‘Home Working and its impact on Tech and Property Management’ hosted by #Flexiion. In the two clips below he talks about how attitudes may change among BTR residents as a result of the Covid experience and about the central role of technology in running large BTR buildings efficiently in the future. Watch the full discussion here.

Our Services

Working with ResiGains can help to reduce risk and add value in Build to Rent management operations at each key stage:





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